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Is This You

Beautiful Goddess?

We love helping women achieve their dreams

You love having a full life but you seek balance.

You know how important your mind, body, spirit (and of course style) connection is,
but you don’t always have time to implement it.

One minute you feel like you can rule the world, the next you’re hiding under a rock.

You yearn for the love and support of like-minded people, but those around you just don’t get it.

And perhaps most importantly…

You know that in order to live a truly fulfilling life it must be authentic to you, but you just aren’t quite there yet.

Creating your dream life isn’t a myth…

But I think you know that already.

With the right mindset, tools and support

anything is possible.


Introducing The Goddess Clique Diamond Club…

A community for modern-day spiritual women who not only want to create and live the life that their heart and souls long for, but who also want to connect with like-minded Goddesses in the process.

Are you ready to join The Goddess Clique?



With aligned action, a sprinkle of magick and a whole lot of love and support you have the power to create all that your heart desires.


The Jewel of Life

Balance & Bliss

We love creating balance and bliss

Each one of us is like a gemstone; unique and priceless.

And like a gemstone, our lives are defined by many different facets that shape us as a whole. When one facet is looking dull it can take the lustre off of the whole jewel.

Similarly, in life when one area is lacking it can stop us from living fully. Perhaps, life feels great in some areas but feels totally out of sync and inauthentic in others.

As women we are often told we can’t have it all,
but as a Goddess you know you can!



Manifestation is crucial to creation, but without aligned action it just becomes wishful thinking…


Using our unique Jewel of Life system, we’ll be working on creating balance and true fulfilment in each facet of life, in a simple yet intentional way.

Each month we’ll be giving extra attention to one particular area, which will become our facet of focus.


Spirit & Soul

Core Lesson: Self-Acceptance

Love & Romance

Core Lesson: Self-Love

Money & Finance

Core Lesson: Self-Worth

Health & Wellbeing

Core Lesson: Self-Care

Friends & Family

Core Lesson: Self-Respect

Fun & Recreation

Core Lesson: Self-Motivation

Career & Business

Core Lesson: Self-Development

Environment & Surroundings

Core Lesson: Self-Survival

Attitude & Gratitude

Core Lesson: Self-Awareness




Filled with tools to help keep them shining bright in every facet of life


Goddess Gifts

Rituals & Resources

We love giving gifts!

Knowledge is one thing, but it’s always what you do with it that counts. With all the best intentions it can be hard to take action when we need to. Overwhelm, confusion, limited energy and limiting beliefs can often stop us from moving forward, which is why we’ve created a whole hub of tools, tips and tricks to help you overcome your obstacles and succeed . Through monthly challenges, guided workbooks, rituals and inspirational resources we’ll be creating (and of course living) our dream lives.

The Goddess Guides

As a Diamond member you’ll receive a new Goddess Guide each month based on the current facet of focus.


Each Goddess Guide will include:

A monthly challenge

A series of inspiring letters

A Goddess Guidebook*

A monthly Jewel Box containing accompanying rituals & resources
to keep you on track


You'll receive a new Goddess Guide each month


The Goddess Guidebooks

Our guidebooks are a combination of lessons and workbooks that help you explore and create your desired vision.

Designed in alignment with our philosophy of authentic living, their purpose is to aid (not instruct) you in manifesting your dreams and goals.

Within each guidebook are exercises, tips and inspiration to help bring your intentions into being


As well as the monthly Goddess Guides we have also created a whole host of other practical resources to help inspire and keep you on track with your daily Goddess living:

Lessons & Courses


Checklists & Trackers

Inspirational Art



We have plenty of lessons and mini courses for you inside The Goddess Clique Diamond Club

Learning is essential for growth so we’ve created a wide range of fun lessons and mini courses to help facilitate you on your journey.

We have lots of resources to guide you on your journey inside The Goddess Clique Diamond Club

Because we all need a little help sometimes you’ll find plenty of helpful and practical resources to guide you in the process.

The Goddess Clique Diamond Club is filled with inspiration to help you on your journey

Keeping motivated can be challenging so we’ve created an array of inspirational resources to keep you inspired and on track.


Creating Rituals

What does the word ‘ritual’ mean to you and how does it make you feel?

Unfortunately, it’s a word that is very often misunderstood and wrongly labelled as something unsavory which can lead to fear and perhaps even a little confusion. If the word ritual invokes a negative feeling within you then it’s time to reclaim and own it as they an important part of the Goddess lifestyle.

Rituals are ways in which you honour yourself and your life in a positive way. They are essentially habits or practices that you perform to enhance your experience of life and/or honour and celebrate the things that are of great importance to you.

From the secular to the more sacred we all use rituals in some form or another every single day. We’ll be creating rituals that help support you on your Goddess journey.

We'll help you create the perfect rituals for your Goddess journey inside The Goddess Clique Diamond Club


Monthly Magick

Action & Alignment

We love taking aligned action to reach our Goddess goals

As well as utilising our ongoing hub of amazing resources, we will also be co-creating with the universe to bring more alignment and abundance into our lives.

What is Magick?

You may have heard of Magic but Magick is altogether quite different. Whereas Magic is about creating an illusion of something taking place through trickery or deceit, Magick is about creating a real change or desired outcome through the use of energy.

Magick is within us…

We ourselves are powerful creators and our minds are the most powerful tools. Whether we realise it or not we are constantly utilising our own personal energy and creating magick through our thoughts, words and feelings.

Magick is around us…

However, we are also influenced by various universal energies that surrounded us and each month presents us with an array of magickal energy that we can tap into to further enhance our lives.

Using both group and solitary work, we’ll be working with astrology and the Moon cycle
to aid us in creating the positive outcomes we desire.




Moon Magick

Did you know that the Moon plays a big part in our emotions and responses?

Did you also know that our emotions and feelings help create our circumstances?


The Moon and it’s position in relation to the Earth controls the tides and as we ourselves are mostly made up of water it has a profound affects on us too. This is most notable at the New and Full Moon when it is closest to the Earth.

The Moon has a special connection to women and the feminine energy and living in accordance to it is an ancient practice, one that many of us are beginning to relearn.

In a world where the masculine is viewed as superior our feminine energy is often repressed and devalued. But feminine energy is something to be celebrated and the more we begin to embrace it the more powerful we become.

We’ll be working in alignment with the Moon in 2 different ways:


1. The Lunar Cycle

You only have to look into the nights sky to see the Moon take on various different shapes throughout the course of the month, every few days taking on a new form from the last.

You may have noticed her grow and shrink as she waxes and wanes from New (no visibility) to Full (fully illuminated) and back to New again.

It takes approximately 29.5 days to go from one New Moon until the next marking one a full cycle (also known as a lunation) and during this time the Moon goes through 8 distinct phases.

Phase 1. NEW: Set intentions for the cycle

Phase 2. CRESCENT: Gather information

Phase 3. FIRST QUARTER: Take action steps

Phase 4. GIBBOUS: Refine and improve steps

Phase 5. FULL: Fulfil intentions and gain clarity

Phase 6. DISSEMINATING: Integrate information

Phase 7. THIRD QUARTER: Complete and close actions

Phase 8. BALSAMIC: Release old cycle and rest

2. The Daily Moon Sign

Just like the Sun (and every other planet) the Moon makes its way through each of the signs of the zodiac during the course of one cycle. As the lunar cycle is relatively short this change happens every couple of days meaning that the qualities of that sign will be reflected in our emotions and how we react to different situations.


The Luminaries (Sun & Moon)

Did you know that the zodiac sign that the Moon occupied during your time of birth (your personal Moon sign) has a powerful affect on your emotional needs and the way you react to life? Even if you don’t know your Moon sign I have no doubt that you are familiar with your Sun sign (commonly referred to as your Star sign).

Due to its more simplified method of calculation the Sun sign often takes prominence in the individual’s understanding of their horoscope, however that doesn’t mean it is of more importance.

Both our Sun and Moon signs are equally significant as they reveal a very important part of our characters and motivations. They can offer a great deal of understanding and guidance as we embark on our lifelong journey of self-love and acceptance.

We will be looking at our own Sun and Moon signs and how we can begin to embrace these different aspects of ourselves in our day-to-day lives.

Moon Signs

The Moon plays a vital role in our emotions

Keywords: Emotions, Feelings, Reflection, Reaction, Habits, Instincts, Receptivity, The Sub-Conscious, The Feminine

Sun Signs

The Sun plays an important role in our self-expression

Keywords: Life-force, Vitality, Power, Action, Creativity, Self-Expression, Identity, Consciousness, The Masculine



Adventurous, energetic, pioneering


Patient, reliable, persistent


Adaptable, versatile, communicative


Emotional, loving, intuitive


Creative, courageous, enthusiastic


Practical, analytical, diligent


Diplomatic, romantic, sociable


Passionate, intense, determined


Optimistic, intellectual, philosophical


Ambitious, disciplined, reserved


Original, inventive, humanitarian


Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate


When we work in flow with the universe, life just becomes so much easier!

And when we reach out to others life just becomes so much better…


The Clique

Community & Connection

We love connecting with like-minded Goddesses

At the heart of the Clique is community. Community is such an important part of life yet is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Modern-day life has meant that we can connect in so many ways yet ironically we can end up feeling more disconnected than ever.

As women having strong connections is vital. Especially when embarking on change that involves stepping into our own power. Part of living a Goddess lifestyle is to be surrounded by love and support, but unfortunately for many of us this just isn’t the case.

You may be making great strides in taking aligned action and co-creating with the universe (which is of course great), but without the love and support of others it can feel a little disheartening and lonely.

We’ve created an online community where you can get all the love and support
you need to create the life you deserve.

Inside will be a safe, sacred space where you can connect with other
incredible women just like yourself.


You can:

 Chat with other like-minded Goddesses

 Make new friends

 Get advice & support

 Share & celebrate your wins

 Find inspiration & encouragement

 Be unapologetically you!

Sisterhood is vital to living the Goddess lifestyle

So Beautiful Goddess, are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Are you ready to become part of something amazing?


Yes, I am ready! Show me how…